Company Profile

Brief Introduction

Pembinaan Thin Chai Sdn Bhd was founded in 1970 by Mr Chai Min Choo. Its main aim then was mainly involved in infrastructure and small scale earthworks.It was until the year 1990, Pembinaan Thin Chai Sdn Bhd was duly formed. And with its experiences and increased resources gained over the years, the company had grown with the construction line and widened its activities to encompass a wider range of works to include both Land or Marine Bridge Construction; Jetty Construction; Heavy Industrial Plant Construction; Tunnel Lining Works; Construction of Airport Runway; Taxiway and Parking Apron; small scale Earthworks and Road- works; Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir; Dam Structure Works and Building works.


Today, Pembinaan Thin Chai Sdn Bhd's success and reliability in the construction of Civil Engineering structural field basing on its vast experiences of project completed and has gained the company the reputation for being able to complete any project within shortest time possible with quality and sound engineering assured.


Management Organization Chart



Turnover Record

  • 1997 RM26.40 Million
  • 1998 RM19.60 Million
  • 1999 RM6.67 Million
  • 2000 RM5.91 Million
  • 2001 RM7.88 Million
  • 2002 RM9.06 Million
  • 2003 RM12.79 Million
  • 2004 RM13.35 Million
  • 2005 RM17.66 Million
  • 2006 RM33.61 Million
  • 2007 RM62.03 Million
  • 2008 RM8.90 Million
  • 2009 RM15.5 Million
  • 2010 RM62 Million
  • 2011 RM15.5 Million
  • 2012 RM28.5 Million
  • 2013 RM53.3 Million
  • 2014 RM29.17 Million



List of Equipment & Machineries